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Aroma Borealis Herb Shop is based in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. We create and sell body care, aromatherapy and herbal skin care products in addition to herbal teas, all of which have been inspired by the northern boreal forest. 


 🌿 Please note that we are asking that ONLY 3 Customers be in the shop at one time, so please be aware of this and follow staff instruction. 

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Aromatherapy Blend - Meditation 5ml

A blend of frankincense, mandarin, vetiver, cedarwood, and rosewood,

Soji Energy Crystal Water Bottle

Different crystals available. Our next generation Soji Water Bottles are here with a NEW INNOVATIVE DESIGN + No metal wires or toxic adhesives + Removable hand wash components + BPA Free boroscilicate & acrilic glass + Stainless steel lid and bottom + Natural Crystal Quartz + Height: 9.75” Diameter: 2.75” + Volume: 24 ounces + Comes assembled in a high quality
From $94.00

Hydrating Facial Cream - 30 ml

Oh natural! This all-natural, light day or night cream is made with the purest of ingredients. Moisturizers & revitalizes your complexion. Apply daily on clean skin.