Our Story

Our Story

The Yukon is beautiful, pristine and is teaming with wild medicinal plants! The mountain air, water and land are still clean! Aroma Borealis products are a reflection of how we have been inspired by the northern boreal forest and the people who live here. Aroma Borealis is a business that incorporates Northern wild plants into natural herbal health and aromatherapy bodycare products. We combine wild plants from the sub arctic, with organically grown herbs and essential oils, which I like to refer to as healing collages from around the globe. 

Beverley Gray

Beverley Gray is the author of the national bestselling and international award winning book, The Boreal Herbal: Wild Food and Medicine Plants of the North and A Field Guide to Medicinal Wild Plants of Canada.  

Beverley is a herbalist, aromatherapist, natural-health practitioner, journalist, and an award-winning natural health-product formulator. She owns the Aroma Borealis Herb Shop in Whitehorse, Yukon. Beverley loves to share her knowledge and passion for wild medicinal plants through herb walks, talks and medicine making. 

Northern Boreal Forest

The boreal forest is Earth’s largest terrestrial ecosystem and extends unbroken except for oceans around the northern pole of the Earth.  The natural world of the Boreal is so vast and when on the land or in the forest, we enter into the portal of the sacred. And through this portal of awareness we become energetically porous, listening deeper, seeing with a new lens through experiencing the wild inside and out, as we are not separate from nature, we are nature! Here you feel the spirit of place! This is what inspires our Aroma Borealis Products as the Yukon Territory is a pristine, natural region where the forest teems with the wild medicinal plants that we respectfully wild harvest throughout the season.

Wild Harvesting

At Aroma Borealis we give great thanks for the herbal bounty we are so blessed to harvest from the Northern Boreal Forest each year for our products. Starting with the first balsam poplar buds and spruce tips in early spring, through the flowering summer abundance of dandelion, fireweed, arnica, and yarrow to the cranberry, juniper berry and rosehip harvest of the fall – we always act with gratitude and consideration for the plants and the plant communities that graciously provide their medicinal service for our products that we create for you.

If you live in the Yukon and would like to be one of our wild harvesters, please contact us directly for more information on how to join the Aroma Borealis team. 

Why Aroma Borealis?


We’re dedicated to creating products from the wildest, most natural ingredients possible.


We cherish the healing gifts the plants share with us from a place of deep respect and gratitude.


Aroma Borealis Herb Shop has always strived to be kind to the Earth and create as little waste as possible in both our production process and our products. Today that is no exception and our zero waste products keep expanding!


Aroma Borealis products are formulated by Herbalist, Aromatherapist and natural health practitioner, Beverley Gray. Our product formulations have been carefully crafted with skill, knowledge and wisdom.